Wine List

White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc Volcanic Hills - Marlborough    glass $9     Bottle  $42
Chardonnay Beach House – Hawkes Bay                 glass $9     Bottle $42
Pinot Gris Volcanic Hills – Marlborough                  glass $9     Bottle $42
Rose Mansion House  - Marlborough                                             Bottle $42

Red Wine

Merlot Kingston Estate – South Australia                 glass $9      Bottle $42
Shiraz De Bortoli Vat 8 – South Australia                 glass $9      Bottle $42
Merlot BrookfieldsHawkes Bay                                                    Bottle $46
Pinot Noir Mansion House – Marlbrough               glass $10     Bottles $50
Pinot Noir Volcanic Hills – Central Otago                                     Bottle $56

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